Thursday, December 12, 2019

6 Unmistakable Signs Its Time For a Promotion

6 Unmistakable Signs Its Time For a Promotion6 Unmistakable Signs Its Time For a Promotion As an employee, there is no one who can champion your career and advocate for your growth quite like you . And while you might know what your next step should be, figuring out when to approach the topic can be tricky. Talk to your boss outside of the review cycle, and his or her hands are tied until next quarter. Watch and wait, and your manager overlooks you yet again.However, there are some clear signs that point towards a promotion. These 6 indicators are all you need to confidently walk into your boss office and say, Lets talk about my future here at the company.Youve been winning in all areas of your job.Making the case for a promotion is far easier when youve not only met, but exceeded expectations. Youve knocked presentation after presentation out of the park. That deal wouldnt have gone through without your tireless work. A patient just sent you a thank you note and flo wers. The CEO just gave your team a shout out in the all-employee meeting. If your track record reads a little something like this, youre due for a step up.Extra work has been coming your way.Part of being awesome at work is becoming the boss go-to person for extra work. Dont consider yourself a dumping ground, consider yourself a utility player. Keep track of all the assignments that are not in your job description or that you are picking up for others. Come review time , these are great bullet points to add to the conversation and bolster your argument that not only are you ready for a promotion, youve been doing the work of a more senior team member.You and your boss have been talking about your long-term career goals.Has your boss recently asked you something like, Where do you see yourself in 2 to 3 years? Or, What are your plans long-term? If so, they are trying to gauge what excites you about work. If your boss values you, they want to know how they can help you develop an d keep you engaged at the company. This is a perfect opening to have a conversation about your trajectory and possibilities for promotion.Thanks to Glassdoors Know Your Worth tool , you just found out that your peers with the same education, location and experience are being paid more than you. Plus, there are senior manager roles open at your company with job descriptions that read much like your resume does. Print out your personal salary estimate from Know Your Worth and have the promotion conversation ASAP. At a loss for what to say, heres a handy script plus some potholes to avoid during the crucial conversation.Youve been asked to lead new projects.Remember playing Follow the Leader in elementary school? These days, youre not playing for fun, youre playing to win. If you have been leading new projects and initiatives- a supplier diversity program or a mentoring group - chances are the boss has taken notice. Exhibiting leadership skills successfully and consisten tly is a surefire sign youre more than ready to climb the corporate ladder.Colleagues, clients, and customers often mistake you for a manager.Whether its because you carry yourself with confidence and polish or because youve been the lead on the last three successful campaigns, everyone thinks you box above your weight. Given that you ActLikeABoss, its time your title and pay reflect that. Its time to get paid (and promoted) fairly.

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