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Common cover letter mistakes new job seekers make

Common cover letter mistakes new job seekers makeCommon cover letter mistakes new job seekers makeLike a resume, a cover letter is a single page that can make or break your chances of landing a job. In an effort to get hired fast, new job seekers might rush through the process of writing and submitting their application materials, and often make some common cover letter mistakes.Here are some of the common cover letter mistakes new job seekers may make - and how to avoid themPutting education firstSure, youre proud of the degree you earned from that fancy schmancy school you graduated from. But employers are far more interested in your work experience rather than where you graduated. So unless its absolutely relevant to the job youre applying for (i.e., the job listing is from your old alma mater), its best to include your education on your resume, not your cover letter.Downplaying qualificationsIf you find yourself writing, Although I dont have much experience stop You never want to tell a profil employer that youre not completely qualified for the job. Instead, youll want to use this document to prove that you are a strong contender for the position. So dont write anything in your cover letter that might cast a negative light on you. Focus instead on the experience you do have, how you can add value to the company, and erase that line (or anything similar to it) from your cover letter.And also, if youre truly not qualified, you may want to reconsider whether its even a good idea to apply.Saying too muchIn an effort to hide the fact that you might not have all the necessary requirements for the position, you might go on and on and on in your cover letter. But rambling does not a good cover letter make, so you still need to stick to keeping it to one page.Write as much as you want in your first draft, and then keep editing yourself until all of your schooling, work experience, and skills are neatly highlighted in well-written paragraphs on a single page. I f you cant decide what info should stay and what should be deleted, ask a friend or family member to help you edit it.Not customizingSure, writing a cover letter for each individual company that you apply to is definitely time-consuming. Its almost the only way, though, to have a solid chance of getting a job interview.Keep in mind that hiring managers read dozens of cover letters each day, and they can tell almost instantly if youve crafted a cover letter specifically for their company, or simply copy and pasted the companys name on a generic cover letter. Take the time to write a meaningful cover letter for each company that you apply for, ensuring that you spell the company name and the contacts name correctly. Tie in your skills with what the job listing requires and, above all, make it meaningful.Being bashfulWhether youre a recent college grad or an older worker trying to on-ramp back into the workforce after taking some years off, you might be afraid that your inexperience/la ck of skills/employment gap/etc. will be very evident to an employer. Thats why your cover letter is skimpy, lacking personality, or void of examples of work that tie into the job youre applying for.Thing is, being shy isnt going to get you hired. Its important to be confident when applying for any job. Recruiters and hiring managers alike want to feel that youre passionate about the position youre applying for, and even more so to work for their company. So let your excitement shine through when youre writing your cover letter. After all, your enthusiasm can be contagious and might set you apart from other job candidatesExcluding relevant experienceAs a new job seeker, you might think that you dont really have any relevant experience to report. Well, think again. Job experience doesnt always have to come from previous positions. It can come from volunteer efforts, transferable skills youve garnered working in other industries earlier in your career, your education, and so on. Dont be so quick to dismiss the marketing you did for your husbands startup or the fundraising you did at your childs school. All of that counts as experience, and if the position requires it, its your responsibility to report itNot promising to follow upYou might have written a killer cover letter, but if you dont know how to sign off, you could risk losing out on a job interview. In your concluding paragraph, reiterate how much you would like the position and offer real reasons why (like a great company culture or how the job is the next logical step in your career). Then, write how youll follow up to see if the hiring manager has any questions. That way, you show your interest and end your cover letter on a professional and positive note.This article first appeared on FlexJobs.

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Tech workers cant afford to have children in San Francisco

Tech workers cant afford to have children in San FranciscoTech workers cant afford to have children in San FranciscoEarlier this summer we found thatif you live in the Bay Area and have a salary of $117,400 you qualify as low income in some counties. So if you cant afford a house in San Francisco and the surrounding areas there is a good chance you cant afford to have children either.According to a new survey of over 8,200 people byBlind, a workplace social networkwhich is mostly used by tech workers in Silicon Valley, 58% said they were putting off having children because it would be too expensive. With the average cost of raising a single child until age 17 being $233,610 as of 2015, this makes sense. Birth rates have been decreasing significantly in California especially in areas where home rates are appreciating, according to Zillow.In San Jose, it dropped 20% from 2010 to 2016 and in Oakland, it fell by 24%.The survey, which took data fromSeptember 2, 2018 September 7, 2018, br oke down which respondents that felt this way about childcare costs worked at which tech companies. Apple had the most employees delaying families at 69.11% followed by Cisco and eBay.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

listing an unfinished novel as a work accomplishment on your resume

listing an unfinished novel as a work accomplishment on your resume listing an unfinished novel as a work accomplishment on your resume A reader writesIm a copywriter. Its my first time hiring for a copywriter position.I dont want to be petty or unfair to applicants, but I dont want to hear about peoples unfinished novels on their resumes or cover letters. In my opinion, it comes off as either immature, self absorbed, or really uninformed about the work (copywriting is really not at all like writing a novel, other than that they both use words). But is it wrong to reject applicants purely because they cite their unfinished novel as evidence of their writing skills?If you complete the novel, even if its not published, I feel like that could rise to the level of a business accomplishment because it demonstrates dedication. But if youre working on a novel for free (i.e. a publisher has not given you an advance), then thats not really evidence that you can write especially well or even t hat you write regularly. Theres no deadline or editor that youre beholden to.I could see bringing it up in an einstellungsgesprch when discussing culture fit or if you were looking for an editing position at a publishing house.Am I missing something? I would love you know your take on this.Full disclosure I have about 150,000 words of my own unfinished novel but I dont put it on my resume.Yeah, its not something that should go on a resume, for exactly the reasons you say. Its not evidence that you can write well, since theres no accountability to others involved. And thats not just because its unfinished you could have a finished novel, but if its unsold, it indicates that you have stamina, but not much about the writing itself.But I wouldnt reject an otherwise excellent candidate for including it on their resume. It would raise my eyebrows, yes, and I wouldnt be super impressed with their judgment in this regard but if they had really strong experience and skills, those would outw eigh it. On the other hand, if they kept citing it in the interview, that would be a fairly strong strike against them, because theyd be showing they didnt really get that its not significant to the work of the job.However, if the person didnt have other evidence of strong writing and editing skills, and offered up only the existence of a partially written novel as qualifications for the job, then yeah, thats a rejection - because the person isnt really demonstrating any qualifications in that case (assuming you want to hire people with experience and a proven track record).

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

An Introduction To Career Change

An Introduction To Career ChangeAn Introduction To Career ChangeThe good news is that I survived and realized my dream. Here are some basic survival tips for those contemplating a career change1. Choose a career that you are passionate about. There were many days, during my journey, when the passion was all that kept me going. Dont choose a career based only on the expectation that youll make lots of money. If your career doesnt fit with your values, interests, skills and personality, you wont be happy with it in the long run. You may wind up with a pile of money, but with a job that you hate.2. Do your homework. Being passionate about your career isnt enough you must plan and prepare. Before making your decision, talk to people in that field. Ask how they got started, what it takes to be successful, which are the best training programs (or educational institutions), what income to expect and their estimate of how long it will take you. Research the industry. Will there be a job for you when youre ready? 3. How will it impact your personal relationships? Discuss with your immediate family the life changes that will be necessary. Include them in the decision. You will need their support and encouragement, especially if changing fields requires a lengthy period of education or training. Remember that educational expenses equal less disposable income and time devoted to study means less time with family and friends. 4. Networking. Start your professional networking right away to meet (and learn from) people in your new field. Those contacts will be valuable for job leads when you need them.5. You simply must take care of yourself. You know the drill healthy diet, exercise, getting enough sleep, R&R time, etc. Life changes are stressful, and stress can create physical illness and depression. I (foolishly) thought that I would be able to work both my night job and a day job, too, during the summer. Wrong Working two jobs was even mora drainin g than my school/night job schedule. I needed a break during the summer months even more than I needed the extra income. 6. Expect to be surprised. No matter how carefully you plan, something unexpected will happen. Some of my surprises wereI had forgotten how to study It had been so long since I had to read massive amounts of information and retain it, that I had lost the ability to do that easily. I had to relearn study skills. I enjoyed being a full-time college student even more than I thought I would.My therapy practice gradually segued into individual and management coaching. My education and experience as a therapist made that an easy transition. And I found that coaching was a perfect fit for me.It did take me ten years to complete two degrees, 2500 internship hours and studying for licensing exams. Even if your change doesnt take as long, you will still need passion, planning, persistence and patience to achieve your goal.

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6 Unmistakable Signs Its Time For a Promotion

6 Unmistakable Signs Its Time For a Promotion6 Unmistakable Signs Its Time For a Promotion As an employee, there is no one who can champion your career and advocate for your growth quite like you . And while you might know what your next step should be, figuring out when to approach the topic can be tricky. Talk to your boss outside of the review cycle, and his or her hands are tied until next quarter. Watch and wait, and your manager overlooks you yet again.However, there are some clear signs that point towards a promotion. These 6 indicators are all you need to confidently walk into your boss office and say, Lets talk about my future here at the company.Youve been winning in all areas of your job.Making the case for a promotion is far easier when youve not only met, but exceeded expectations. Youve knocked presentation after presentation out of the park. That deal wouldnt have gone through without your tireless work. A patient just sent you a thank you note and flo wers. The CEO just gave your team a shout out in the all-employee meeting. If your track record reads a little something like this, youre due for a step up.Extra work has been coming your way.Part of being awesome at work is becoming the boss go-to person for extra work. Dont consider yourself a dumping ground, consider yourself a utility player. Keep track of all the assignments that are not in your job description or that you are picking up for others. Come review time , these are great bullet points to add to the conversation and bolster your argument that not only are you ready for a promotion, youve been doing the work of a more senior team member.You and your boss have been talking about your long-term career goals.Has your boss recently asked you something like, Where do you see yourself in 2 to 3 years? Or, What are your plans long-term? If so, they are trying to gauge what excites you about work. If your boss values you, they want to know how they can help you develop an d keep you engaged at the company. This is a perfect opening to have a conversation about your trajectory and possibilities for promotion.Thanks to Glassdoors Know Your Worth tool , you just found out that your peers with the same education, location and experience are being paid more than you. Plus, there are senior manager roles open at your company with job descriptions that read much like your resume does. Print out your personal salary estimate from Know Your Worth and have the promotion conversation ASAP. At a loss for what to say, heres a handy script plus some potholes to avoid during the crucial conversation.Youve been asked to lead new projects.Remember playing Follow the Leader in elementary school? These days, youre not playing for fun, youre playing to win. If you have been leading new projects and initiatives- a supplier diversity program or a mentoring group - chances are the boss has taken notice. Exhibiting leadership skills successfully and consisten tly is a surefire sign youre more than ready to climb the corporate ladder.Colleagues, clients, and customers often mistake you for a manager.Whether its because you carry yourself with confidence and polish or because youve been the lead on the last three successful campaigns, everyone thinks you box above your weight. Given that you ActLikeABoss, its time your title and pay reflect that. Its time to get paid (and promoted) fairly.

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Emailing a Resume Explained

Emailing a Resume Explained Emailing a Resume for Dummies Speak to us today to receive startedspaces are limited In the event the listing asks you to send your resume in a certain format, or asks you to save your resume beneath a particular name, be certain to achieve that. Steer clear of any formatting in the resume emaille text If you would like your email to be read, its wise to remove all of the formatting. You are able to keep it short and easy, simply dont forgo formal language. When you send an email to possible employer, make sure its flawless when it regards the spelling and the grammar aspect. Make certain your subject line clearly states the goal of the message in order for the employer doesnt mistake it for spam, or otherwise overlook it. The subject should contain the work role youre applying for. Moreover, when you have seen the employer or youre familiar with the individual, highlight that relation in the topic of your mail. ur recommendation is to compose th e cover letter within the body of the email. When youre applying for work, you must always send a resume and cover letter. Yet another tip, always remember to create your whole job application relevant and specific to the job which youre attempting to land. Youve got an extremely limited period of time to produce an outstanding impression, so should you send a cold email without careful thought and planning, theres a high likelihood that nobody could possibly read it. What the In-Crowd Wont Tell You About Emailing a Resume It is possible to totenstill attach your cover letter in another file, just make certain it matches the content of your cover email. Youre going to observe an ideal email cover letter sample. Attempt to ask the employer, in case you have read the email and whats the opinion about you. It is always advised for candidates to send emails according to the employers preference. If you choose you need or will need to incorporate a cover letter, you may either de utsche post dhl the text directly in the email or attach it like a second file as well as your resume. When youre requested to email your work application to a company, it is possible to either copy and paste your cover letter into the body of your email, or you are able to attach it like a file, together with your resume. The only instance you might want to use a TXT format would be for job board submissions which dont let you attach your resume. If you save your resume to a particular file format but the employer might not be in a position to open it, odds are your application example might be ignored. Be certain your email doesnt have all types of virus. Be cautious in regards to the time you decide to send your resume email. Even in the event you craft the ideal email to send a resume, its still true that you require a killer cover letter. Your resume email must be short and sweet. Check whether the attachments are appropriately labelled and should they do open after dow nloading. To ensure your emails are read, you are in need of a clear, professional subject line. It can be exceedingly hard to stick out in a crowded inbox. Recruiters want to realize that youre truly interested in a position with their organization instead of just firing off resumes in hopes of obtaining a nibble. Its especially important once youre emailing a resume to apply for employment. Theres a lot of contradicting information online giving readers bad advice. If you dont know the name of the contact person, research his name on the world wide web or call the firm. Email and sample templates are among the most truly effective methods to accelerate your work search and enhance your odds of landing an interview. The Ugly Secret of Emailing a Resume You might believe you learn how to email a resume to a prospective employer. File naming is significant as it helps the resume weeder keep an eye on the attachments. Open the attachment so youre positive you attached the c orrect file in the proper format, and that it opens correctly. Be formal The work application procedure is a formal course of action. Another alternative is to call the businesss office reception and request the essential details. Many times, employers might ask you to follow instructions so that they can see and react to the email, others might be testing you will read and finish the instructions properly. Furthermore, your employer paid that you take web design classes.

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Mental Health Week 2013 promoting awareness

Mental Health Week 2013 promoting awareness Mental Health Week 2013 promoting awarenessPosted October 8, 2013, by Julia Watters According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a staggering 3 million Australians reported having a mental or behavioural condition in the 2011-12 Australian Health Survey. Thats 13.6 per cent of the national population. Depression was most prevalent, with 2.1 million (9.7 per cent) of the population reporting symptoms. With so many Australians experiencing mental health issues, there is a pressing need to raise awareness of this traditionally taboo topic and that is what Mental Health Week, from 613 October, aims to do. To help us understand some of the challenges of living with mental health issues, I spoke with two people who have been affected in different ways. As a sufferer of borderline personality disorder (BPD), Talya is no stranger to the struggles associated with having a mental health condition. This disorder is clinically recognised and symp toms include emotional instability and severe feelings of insecurity, which can lead to impulsive and dangerous behaviour in extreme cases. Talya has also had the additional challenge of dealing with family illness. In 2010, her father was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal bowel cancer. As this rare genetic strain of bowel cancer is hereditary, Talya underwent a long series of tests and discovered that she, too, harboured the dangerous gene. Attempting to deal with this double-whammy, Talya turned to the only coping mechanism she had keeping busy. While she had