Thursday, November 21, 2019

Expand Your LinkedIn Network to Boost Your Job Search Find Your Dream Job

Expand Your LinkedIn Network to Boost Your Job Search Find Your Dream JobExpand Your LinkedIn Network to Boost Your Job Search - Find Your Dream JobLinkedIn is currently the largest professional networking site. Along with helping you connect (or re-connect) with colleagues and professional contacts, LinkedIn is frequently used by hiring managers and recruiters. That means its very important for you to establish an active presence on LinkedIn early on in your job search. If recruiters are looking for candidates on the site, you want to show up - and be sure to look like a good prospect to hire. Heres how to get started on LinkedIn, along with how to grow your network. Create or Refresh Your Profile If you have notlage already, firstset up a profile on LinkedIn. Use your up-to-date resume to create your profile and background. Make sure you include a profile photo - get tips for how to take a professional-looking headshotthat will make a good impression on anyone taking a look at your profile. If you have a profile on LinkedIn, but havent updated it in a while, look for ways to give it a refresh. For instance, you could potentially swap out your photo, update your skills, add your most recent job or responsibilities, or refresh your summary statement. Before making many changes, you may want to check your account settings - you can opt to avoid having your network get alerts about all of ansicht tweaks. Once you have created your profile, you can begin to develop and expand your LinkedIn network to include professionals and organizations that can either help you with your job search, or seek you out as a potential job candidate. Follow these steps to follow to expand your LinkedIn network today. Connect With 10 Contacts in Your Industry The more connections you have on LinkedIn, the more opportunities you have to meet someone who can potentially connect you to a job opportunity. While you want to have a lot of connections, make sure you connect with people you know and trust. Today, add ten LinkedIn members who are connected, even indirectly, to your career interests. How will you find these people? Start by making a list of the companies you would like to work for, and think of anyone you know who works for those companies. As well, you can also connect with people youve met previously in a work context. Some options are Current co-workersColleagues from previous jobsPeople you meet at conferences, networking events, and other work-related eventsCurrent or former classmates from college or graduate school While today your goal is to add just ten people, long-term, you can keep investing in growing your network by connecting with more people. Dont forget to connect with the new people you meet, too. Join Three LinkedIn Groups There are manyLinkedIn Groupsthat can help you with your job search - job search groups, company groups, alumni groups, etc. Groups can help you network, learn about job listings, and discuss ind ustry trends. Today, find and join three LinkedIn Groups. First, see if your college has an alumni LinkedIn Group. Then see if any of your former employers have employee alumni groups.Search the Groups Directory on LinkedIn (you can reach the directory by clicking on Groups under the Interests tab) for groups related to your industry or professional interests.Some groups are private, and you may need to be affiliated with a group member to join.Once you become a member, you can join group discussion pages, and begin to meet and connect with other group members. LinkedIn and Networking These simple steps will help you expand your professional network, not only increasing the chance that a contact will be able to help you with your job search, but also that other industry insiders might come across your profile and see you as a prospective job candidate. Bonus Tip Ask For and Give Recommendations One final way to make your profile page look sharp is to have recommendations. Y ou can ask former colleagues and managers to write up a short recommendation. (Heres how to request a LinkedIn recommendation.) You can also write up recommendations for other people. Not only will it show up in your profile that youve given recommendations, but its a nice and helpful thing to do for your connections.

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